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We chose the WordPress platform for several reasons, but the primary reasons are listed here.  Also, WordPress occupies over 30% of the Internet today. It's known for their community of users that continually contribute to the platform by way of plugins. (Small snippets of code that expand WordPress capabilities.)

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WordPress is probably the easiest website design platform to use for the end-user. We focus on empowering the user to manage their own websites.


WordPress is known for it's speed & performance compared to other platforms. We design a lean website meaning that we use as little coding as possible to keep it lightning fast.


When it comes to your WordPress website, the sky's the limit. We can design you a simple 4-5 page digital brochure or a full-fledged e-commerce website for your business.


WordPress has one of the largest community of users and they are constantly releasing new plugins & themes to expand the capabilities & look of WordPress.
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